We offer a low minimum order value of just £10.00 no hidden costs or surprises.

All clothing returned  hung or folded in protective laundry bags depending on your preference.

Call Dulwich Ironing Today and we’ll sort that big pile of laundry out for you in no time!

07935 555 269  or  0208 6950 025


Guaranteed Next Day Delivery Charge:    £3.99

Any damaged items collected from you will be returned to you  to avoid any misunderstanding.

In the unlikely event of a loss/damage to any of your items we will be pleased to compensate up to a maximum of 50% of the total amount of the item.

You have up to 8 hours to make any claims. After 8 hours you will not be allowed to report any damaged or lost clothes.

Dulwich Ironing is not responsible for any buttons or belts missing.

Please understand by using our service you have agreed to the terms & conditions above